• Music Fest Session Handouts & Audio


Advanced Piano Gospel and Jazz Techniques - Aaron Curtis
Arranging Songs for Your Worship Team - Kevin Howard
Basics to Synth - Kaitlyn Burzynski
Bass Equipment Practice Techniques - Jon Schellhardt
Bringing Home a Sermon with Worship - Janice Sjostrand
Building Worship Sets, Flow For Services - Kevin Howard
Chord Construction - Ben Patten
Church Promotions - Creating and Sustaining a Successful Department - Chris Henderson
Church Websites - Build Traffic, Get Noticed, Reach Your Community - Ryan Scott
Comprehensive Techniques for Correct Singing - Tim Hall
Contemporary Worship Drumming - Vito DiGiovanni
Cowriting and Solo Writing Songs - Charity Gayle
Creating a Time for Response During Worship - Dennis Gates
Dramatic Drama Broadway Dreams on a Community Theater Budget - Jeremy Edwards
Drumming CCM, Gospel, Cross Style Worship - Ricky Hatfield, Drew Duncan
Drumming Chemistry Playing in the Proper Element - Ricky Hatfield, Drew Duncan
Drumming Chemistry Playing in the Proper Element - Ricky Hatfield, Drew Duncan
Encouraging Congregational Participation as a Worship Leader - Alyssa Xoc
Fundamentals of Gospel Hammond Organ Techniques - Aaron Curtis
Getting Your Choir to Actually Sing - Dennis Gates
Guitar Focusing on Technique and Filling in the Gaps - Carl Marler
Guitar Techniques for Practices, Performance, Preparation - Grana & Ballestero
Guitar Tone and Effects - Justin Lee
Guitar - Improving Dynamics - Cole Beaver
Guitarists the Art of Playing Well with Other Guitarists - Clayton Grana, Huntley Ballestero
Habits of Effective Leaders - Jason Gallion
Heart of a Music Minister - Jeromy and Barbie Coffee
Heart of Sound Ministry - Vito DiGiovanni
Heart of the Artist - Stephanie Gallion
Heart of the Worship Leader - Tim Hall
Holiday Productions ’Tis the Season for a Meltdown - Jeremy Edwards
How to Find Good New Material and Introduce It - Mark Waddle
How to Motivate Your Music Team - Tim Hall
How to Read Write Lead Sheets and Chord Charts - Ben Patten
How to Teach Vocal Parts - Tim Hall
How to Use Planning Center Online - Jeremy Guzman
Importance of Good Rehearsal Culture - Kevin Howard
Incorporating Jazz into Your Playing - Keith Pace
Incorporating Synths in Worship - Kaitlyn Burzynski
Keyboard Tones Textures Chord Voicings - Josh Gothra
Leader Guitar Techniques Scales and Opening Up the Neck - Carl Marler
Leading Change - Change is a Necessity to Growth - Keith Pace
Making Phat Chords Simple - Keith Pace
Mentoring Talented Students and Young Adults - Kevin Howard
MIDI and MainStage - Maddie Sylvia
Music Director, Pastor Relationship - Jeremy and Barbie Coffee
Nashville Number System - Jeromy Hoffee
New Ideas #1 - Anderson, Erickson, Hoffee, Guzman, Gates, Pace, DiGiviovanni
New Ideas #2 - Patten, Curtis, Waddle, Hall, Lee, Scott, Howard
Piano Techniques for CCM - Josh Gothra
Power of Generational Worship - Janice Sjostrand
Recruiting New Musicians While Strengthening What You Have - Alyssa Cox
Role of Guitar in Worship Band - Justin Lee
Scripture’s Singular Model for Equipping the Apostolic Musician - Bobby Killmon
Service Planning - Creating Seamless Transitions - Chad and Fallon Erickson
Setting Up and Playing to Loops and Tracks 101 - Aaron Curtis
Setting Up and Playing to Loops and Tracks 201 - Jeremy Guzman
Short Easy Worship Songs - Chad and Fallon Erickson
Songwriting from the Heart - Tim Pedigo
Strategic Listening - Aaron Curtis
Tools and Tips for Creating Great Video Content for Your Church - Ryan Scott
Tracks in Worship - Ableton Live, PRIME, PLAYBACK Demo - Jeremy Guzman
Training and Developing from Within - Jeromy Hoffee
Training the Next Generation Music Team - Chad and Fallon Erickson
Transitions and Background Music - Keith Pace
What’s in a Song - Music in the Culture - Jaye Rodenbush
Who Said You Can’t Have a Choir - Chad and Fallon Erickson
Worship Department Structure - Mark Waddle
Worship Leader Fundamentals - Kristen Lee
Worship Leader’s Role On and Off the Platform - Kristen Lee
Worship Leading Connecting with Your Audience - Stephanie Gallion
Worship Ministry Leadership 101 - Lindel Anderson
Worship Mixing Techniques and Tips - Vito DiGiovanni
Worship Resources and Tools for the Growing Church - Brittani Scott
Worshipper’s Heart and Song - Charity Gayle
Writing Sons for the Church - Brittani Scott


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